Wednesday, 21 November 2012

First meeting: Tuesday 27 November, 5pm

Our first meeting will take place at 5pm on Tuesday 27th November in Committee Room, Wolfson College. The Committee room is located on the first floor, up the marble stairs at the far end of the Berlin Quadrangle.

We are hoping to use this first session as an opportunity to meet and chat informally over wine about the set text (please see below), and also to ponder on future readings - so please do come with suggestions.

The reading is a very short piece (4 pages long) by Isaiah Berlin, which discusses the field of History of Ideas, and which also gives a useful insight into Berlin's style and “method” to those unfamiliar with his work: Part I of the 1949 article “Political Ideas in the Twentieth Century”, reprinted in Liberty, ed. Henry Hardy (OUP, 2002). The entire essay can be accessed here.

We can perhaps then head to the dining hall for dinner - so in case you can't make it at 5, you are welcome to join us afterwards.

Meanwhile, do get in touch if you have any questions:

Looking forward to seeing many of you on Tuesday!

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