Friday, 30 November 2012

January meeting

Huge thanks to everyone who attended our first meeting last Tuesday. It was great to get the chance to talk about "History of Ideas", and we can all look forward to continuing our discussions.

Thanks also to those who passed on suggestions for future readings - please keep them coming!

This is all very *provisional*, but, as it stands, for our January meeting we will be reading an excerpt from Karl Popper's Open Society and Its Enemies (1962).

In February, we will read something by Simone Weil (possibly an excerpt from Gravity and Grace (1947) or Oppression and Liberty (1955)).

Details and dates tbc. 


  1. Really glad we'll be doing Weil! Can I request maybe something from The Need for Roots? Hope everyone has a good break, Heather

  2. Definitely up for that. Am I right in thinking that Eliot prefaced the English edition? It might be interesting to read...